A house for a young family will serve as a nucleus for friends, extended family, and community events. At its core, a dynamic procession winds through all levels of a triple-height “courtyard,” where a vast window wall overlooks the mature protected woodland beyond the newly landscaped rear yard. Above the crescent-shaped plan, a long, tilting roof creates a contrasting expression between the high, aspirational public front and the low, private rear. Minimalist detailing throughout the home allows attention and cost to go to the dramatic, naturally-lit central space.


Status Images


Project Data

STATUS: Completed 2018

SIZE: 8,800 sf

COST: $1.5 million

Project Credits

OWNER: Private Client, Lexington, MA

CONTRACTOR: Matthew Fischer Custom Builder

ARCHITECT: Epstein Joslin Architects

Principals-in-Charge: Alan Joslin, Project Architect: Arthur Pinkham, Designer: Jaime Bustos

LANSCAPE ARCHITECT: Stimson Associates