Chimaobi Izeogu


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California born and of Nigerian heritage, Chimaobi has lived all over the United States and has a national and international appreciation for cultural richness and differences. Chimaobi has worked in architecture firms in New Haven, Albany, and Houston across a range of building projects in the U.S. and abroad. He speaks English, Spanish, and Italian, and spent a few months in Rice’s Paris Studio where he and fellow students examined the form and notion of “houseness” through Rice’s Totalization Studio. In May 2015, Chimaobi and a fellow classmate toured the Italian peninsula, visiting roughly 12 cities and countless architectural projects over 3 weeks. Chimaobi received his M.Arch. from Rice University and B.A. in Architecture: History, Theory, and Criticism from Yale College. While studying at Rice, Chimaobi was the Co-Editor-in-Chief for two issues of PLAT Journal: On the Bias (Fall 2012) and Collective Disruption (Spring 2013).